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Here you can view my gallery of original artwork in a variety of media and subject matter. I’ve got a wide array of creative interests (basically, artistic ADD) and you can check out some samples in the gallery section. The work ranges from traditional renderings and portraiture to the surreal worlds of science fiction & fantasy art to even more unique 3-dimensional paintings and experimental works. I know, that’s a lot to take in at first…but go ahead, give it a look.

Within this site, you can also find out how to commission your own 1-of-a-kind artworks by dropping me an email or dialing my digits. Actually, you’ll be talking to my wife, the business end of this gig, but she’s cool too. Some pricing options and specials are available at times so don’t be afraid to ask about saving some dough.

We’ve also got tons of cool merch. If you’re interested in T-shirts, art prints, cellphone cases, and other creative swag, no need to look any further. You can find it all right here in the Shawn Bailey Art Shops. So let’s do some shopping!

And as always, please feel free to give a shout out to me (or the MRS.) directly for any comments or questions about the work. And check back regularly for site updates and special promotions. We might be giving away free stuff, ya never know…

Stay creative, my friends.

Shawn Lee Bailey


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Like I said, creative ADD

In the gallery imagery below, you can see a quick sampling of some of my work. It’s divided into categories or genres with artist descriptions for each below the gallery. I hope you enjoy…and if you don’t, well, everyone’s a critic.



I greatly enjoy developing life-like renderings and working with the human form. I value a realistic approach to my subject matter and I think that caring and attention to detail is highly apparent in my sketches and portraits. I produce works in this genre with a variety of media including oils, pastels, graphite, and conte. 

As well as working in the traditional artistic styles and realism, I’ve also invented my own truly unique form of creative expressionism. I began developing works with an intense emotional and psychological impact that truly defy traditional classification. This technique creates highly detailed and emotionally charged works that demand the viewers attention on a 3-dimensional level. Thus, I labeled them ECT3D -or- Emotionally Charged Textural 3-D.

By immersing myself in the depths of positive and negative human emotion, I’m able to use color, texture, and substantially relevent 3-dimensional objects to create a masterfully integrated and truly original construct of visual and emotional artistry. I know that’s a mouthful but they really are cool, especially when seen, touched and experienced in person.

Monsters, SciFi and Fantasy Art
I’ve always had a deep fascination with the science fiction & fantasy realm. I’ve been drawing monsters, robots, superheroes, aliens, creepy crawly things and all manner of weirdness since as soon as I could hold a pencil. I quickly discovered I had a knack for this thing and bringing my own curiosities to life. And so it began…

My work in this genre shares the same detail and intensity as my traditional portrait work, but adds a deeply imaginative and highly creative twist with a bit of the macabre peppered in for good measure. My renderings go far beyond normal reality and take the viewer on a journey into my mind for which I’m more than happy to be the guide. And I think that’s best because there’s a lot of clutter in there and anyone else would probably get lost.

Often times, I don’t have a forethought to what I’ll draw. I just start moving my pencil and a shape emerges. It feels like I’m not really creating the creatures, they already exist in their own subliminal world, hidden just below the surface of my paper. They merely require my pencil to take their leap into our reality.

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I can be commissioned for portraits, murals, 3-D canvases, and special interest works. Prices are dependant apon size, media, complexity, and timeline. If you have a preference of subject matter or materials, special requests can be accommodated.

For full details, check out the Commissions page.


Request a Commission


This is my blog, "Rough Sketches." I try to discuss poinent art topics and techniques, though it usually just turns out to be everyday goofiness from my world...


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Wear your favorite images from Shawn Bailey Art! Featuring unique 3-D textural paintings with full details from seam to seam and larger-than-life fantasy creatures on all over prints.

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Tech Gear

Cool up your tech with these hot designs from Shawn Bailey Art! Choose from impact resistant, hard cases and easy-to-remove, vinyl skins for your iPhones, iPods and iPads.

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Fine Art Prints

Want a more traditional artwork option? Choose your favorite Shawn Bailey Art reproduced in a variety of framing styles, quality Giclée, or fine art prints. Take yours home now!

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Our Team

Who are these people?

Let’s meet us. Our quirky little family of four resides in the live music capital, Austin, Texas. And yes, we’re doing our part to keep Austin weird…but you probably gathered as much by now. We are a fun-loving family but also a very hardworking one as well. There aren’t very many moments in our day where we aren’t doing (or at least attempting) something productive.

Creativity runs deep in this household and family unit. We love all things artistic and love to share our point of view with the world, no matter how askew it might be. So connect with us, we’d love to share it with you.

On a side note, I grew up in a wrestling family and I own a collection of luchador masks so this seemed highly appropriate…


El Artista Gringo

El Artista Gringo

Shawn Lee Bailey

Artist in Charge/CEO of Creativity

Un Poco Loco

Un Poco Loco

Sebastian Bailey

Lead Troublemaker/Head of Mess and Destruction

La Jefe Real

La Jefe Real

Ariel Bailey

CFO/Public Relations/The Real Boss

El Perro Grande

El Perro Grande


Head of Security/Drool Specialist/Dog


Reach out with any questions, comments, or to commission artwork. All inquiries welcome.


When commissioning artwork, be sure to include any special requirements in your message for us.
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