14 May 2014

Nursery mural

Been a long while since I’ve had

14 May 2014

Been a long while since I’ve had a moment to myself…but love being a new father!! The little dude makes me laugh everyday 🙂

So one of the recent projects I was able to squeeze in before my boy arrived (5 1/2 weeks early, I might add!) was a small mural on his nursery wall. My wife is infatuated with owls at the moment and wanted one painted to overlooking our son’s crib. It was to be a symbolic protector, bringing wisdom and safety while he sleeps. The mural was completed in about a day and a half.




As I mentioned previously, he arrived early but I thought I had plenty of time to get around to this before we had to bring him home. Well he surprised us all, however, so I jumped into this project with a vengeance! He was born on Christmas Eve which meant I would be spending a good portion of the holiday (with the help of my Dad) getting the nursery ready. By far, the best Christmas present I have ever received 🙂

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