07 Apr 2017

ECT3D Full Gallery

As well as working in the traditional

07 Apr 2017

As well as working in the traditional artistic styles and realism, I’ve also invented my own truly unique form of creative expressionism. I began developing works with an intense emotional and psychological impact that truly defy traditional classification. This technique creates highly detailed and emotionally charged works that demand the viewers attention on a 3-dimensional level. Thus, I labeled them ECT3D -or- Emotionally Charged Textural 3-D.

By immersing myself in the depths of positive and negative human emotion, I’m able to use color, texture, and substantially relevent 3-dimensional objects to create a masterfully integrated and truly original construct of visual and emotional artistry. I know that’s a mouthful but they really are cool, especially when seen, touched and experienced in person.

The works shown in this gallery are truly unique. They are created using a number of different traditional and non-traditional elements to give the pieces their robust texture and seemingly organic appearance.

The artists’ technique begins by laying down fluid textural patterns in drywall compound then adding in “found” objects relating to a specific theme of the work. Within the paintings, one might find objects such as chains, plastic eggs, hammers, flowers and roses, bullets, ceramics, household items, shells and so on. Each of these are very relevant to the underlying story and critical in conveying a specific emotional response.

Once I am satisfied with the overall layout and composition, the color is added. A base coat of black gesso is first applied, followed by coats of acrylic paint, working darkest to lightest shades. All of this is done, not with a brush but with my own hands. Messy?…yes, but fun as hell! By dipping my hands in the paint and applying it in this manner, the work develops skin patterns taken from the palms and fingertips. The end result of this process leaves craters, crackling and skin textures, creating an eerie yet beautiful organic feel.

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