26 Aug 2016


Framing your artwork is an important final

26 Aug 2016

Framing your artwork is an important final step in the commissioned artwork process and yet very often taken for granted. Some individuals will spend hundreds of dollars on a well loved work, then not spend the addition time or effort to properly protect it against the environment and ravages of time. This is a mistake that won’t be noticed for years but will certainly leave a distressed impression on the work and it’s owner. And it is also the main reason I include free framing and finishing in my orders, whenever possible.

In addition to being an artist, I also worked as a custom framer for a number of years which allowed me to hone vital skills in the frame shop. Aside from being one of the coolest jobs ever, it taught me the delicate art of cutting and joining frames, developing cohesive color palettes, mat cutting and final backing and I did so for individual clients as well as professional organizations and museums. These techniques allow me to protect and preserve your work as well as designing an accompaniment to showcase your art perfectly.


Framed Image of Portrait of a LegendAs seen in “Portrait of A Legend”, this work has a renaissance style, solid wood frame with gold accents. The frame was chosen because of it’s heavy caliber and ornate edging, which compliment the patterns within the portrait itself. It showcases a double matte with white inlay and a custom plaque opening, cut to fit. Other than the engraving, all work and assembly was done in house by Shawn Bailey Art.


Take your art home with you, not to a local craft store for additional labor and expenses. With our commissions, you not only get the completed piece of art, but it will be properly finished, protected and ready to hang. This makes for essentially, a one-stop-shopping experience in the art buying process. When you commission a work from Shawn Bailey Art, you will get a final product that’s ready to join your home and family and will last for years to come.

For more details on getting these options for your commissioned artwork, please contact us directly. Special pricing and discounts are often available. And thanks again for your interest in my art!



Plaque Detail of Portrait of a Legend


The above framed portrait was commissioned for Duane Bailey, a former professional wrestling legend. To view more information, photos, or history on the wrestler, click here for his official website.
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