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Dwarves and elders

Here are a couple of initial character studies for a new series of paintings. In the first image, I’m developing the features of a race of dwarves. These are tricky little scoundrels that steal anything they can get their grubby little hands on. With keen eyes and razor-sharp wit, they are a formidable foe on and off the battlefield.


The second image, is a study for a race of powerful elders. They are old as the origins of the universe and rule their kingdoms with cold heart and heavy hand. I haven’t decided if I want to make them giants or of normal stature but we’ll see where the sketches take us.


Creature study

This a a creature study I sketched out a while ago. I plan to develop it further along with some native environment and possibly offspring.


Manta ray sketches

Here are a couple of manta ray studies for an undersea painting I was working on. That was a personal project and got shelved to take on a few paying commissions. I plan on diving back into it very soon…shameless pun intended 🙂



More from the sketchbook

Couple more from the sketchbook. I try to pick up a pencil and get at least something down on paper every day, if even a quick doodle.

While I’m watching TV, there’s generally a sketch pad in my lap and some random critter or creature slithering out from my pencil, making its way into existence. I figure this activity stimulates the brain and may counteract the effects of reality TV turning it to complete mush…well, maybe not against that Honey Boo Boo show…pretty much a lost cause on that one.



The home studio, inspiration and the new pooch

Organizing the home studio seems to be an ongoing project. Always something I’d like to do better or update. Currently, I’m trying to find ways to increase the natural light.

I get a good bit of illumination at peak times of the day but not the illustrious northern light we all covet. I’ve added some Ott-Lites, which has helped, but still less than ideal. Short of paying for a new window installation (or driving a cement truck through the wall to really open that sucker up), I think I’ve done about all I can do.

Aside from that, I like the current look and layout of my space. I feel inspired when I enter the room, which is a huge plus as any artist will attest to.

My bookcase is stuffed to the brim with artistic reference, teachings of old masters and current leaders in the industry. From Boris Vallejo, Brom, Basil Gogos and Wayne D Barlowe, to Norman Rockwell, Rembrandt and Caravaggio. Inspiration is on every shelf.

And another concern, albeit minor, is that I’ve recently begun sharing my spot with a four-legged friend. My wife and I have adopted a Great Dane and she seems to have taken a liking to my studio as well. Though, with a cute face like that, I really can’t complain 🙂







Texas Card Commission

It’s always rewarding to share artistic interests with others in the field. A good friend of mine, Nev Hough, is a fellow artist and a very talented one, at that. Very detailed, Texas-themed pen & ink works that always seem to capture the heart of the viewer. Being the quintessential Austin artist, she’s housed most of her activities on a local scale but that is soon to change.

For a while now, she’s been working toward expanding her clientele and promoting more of an online presence so I’ve assisted her with forging a website. Eventually, she will branch into the online sales and commissions market but the framework has been set.

Just wanting to share the work of a fellow artist and friend

Zombie doodles

I love finding old sketch pads and rediscovering inspiration. I think I cranked out these zombie doodles while watching the first episode of The Walking Dead.


Sure do love me some flesh eating zombies…

Photos from Sherwood

Got some great photos from this trip. Found much inspiration and have many references to work from. I’m always amazed at the wide array of characters and lively conversations encountered at these venues.

Here are a few I plan to develop.