Rough Sketches

Rough Sketches

Artist life in progress

Make time where you can

Here’s the beauty of this post. I was trying to show how efficient I was being at babysitting and still working in some sketching time in the studio. While creating this post, I got distracted by more baby stuff, so I left it in draft mode. Just realized it was a draft so publishing it now as a reminder to make time where you can for things you love…which turns out in this case to be like 18 months later. Nice…

Well, it’s a cute pic of the little dude anyway.


Wicked cool statues at ACCC

Here’s another couple pics from Alamo City Comic Con. These two figures of Pinhead and Jason Voorhees were along the fairway and drawing a lot of attention. These photos really don’t do them justice, however. The pair looked to be cast resin models with real fabric and leather garments and metalwork accessories. Very cool! They were immaculately constructed with careful attention to every detail. They looked so realistic, I wouldn’t have been surprised if they jumped off their pedestals and tried to eat my very soul…



Alamo City Comic Con 2015

This year, I had an impromptu opportunity to check out the Alamo City Comic Con. Holy crapballs!!! What a spectacular event! Up til now, I had only been a part of the local Austin Comic Con scene. Though cool in its own right, Austin’s version definitely pales in comparison to the spectacle of its San Antonio counterpart. Here are some fav pics I grabbed at the event…





My first trip was amazing and inspiring. It definitely won’t be the last. I plan to attend again next year and for longer than just an afternoon.
And you’re welcome for that last pic 😉

It’s all his fault

Whoa…way to long since my last post. And not much going on in the studio these days. I blame it on this little dude.





And the fact that Daddy is easily babystracted…

Nursery mural

Been a long while since I’ve had a moment to myself…but love being a new father!! The little dude makes me laugh everyday 🙂

So one of the recent projects I was able to squeeze in before my boy arrived (5 1/2 weeks early, I might add!) was a small mural on his nursery wall. My wife is infatuated with owls at the moment and wanted one painted to overlooking our son’s crib. It was to be a symbolic protector, bringing wisdom and safety while he sleeps. The mural was completed in about a day and a half.




As I mentioned previously, he arrived early but I thought I had plenty of time to get around to this before we had to bring him home. Well he surprised us all, however, so I jumped into this project with a vengeance! He was born on Christmas Eve which meant I would be spending a good portion of the holiday (with the help of my Dad) getting the nursery ready. By far, the best Christmas present I have ever received 🙂

Warming up with hands

Hands are one of the hardest parts of the human figure to render. When warming up, I like practice sketching them in different sizes and configurations. Here are a few from a warm up session last year.



Big news and recent sketches

It’s been a while since the last posting due to some big news…I’m going to be a Daddy! My wife is due in February so there’s been a lot of excitement in the family. Making room for baby takes a lot of effort and the whole house is in temporary disarray, including my studio.



Much activity going on in my world aside from art but I have been able to squeeze in some sketching. Here are a couple of characters from a recent drawing session. I plan to expand on these initial designs.



Freeing up the cobwebs

Another method that helps me in freeing up the cobwebs is to carve out solid shapes and patterns in ink. Many of the images that emerge resemble simple tattoo designs.

When jotting these down, I try not not worry about where I’m headed or how they will look but only to focus on the feel of pen in hand traveling over the drawing surface. There is a comfort found in simply using the tools and filling in spaces. It’s a relaxation technique and alleviates the stress of having to make something look or feel like something else. It’s simply jotting down whatever the hand dictates. It’s like stretching before a workout, flexing the artistic muscles before they need to be fully utilized.

Here are some of the previous “stretches” before other works.





Just sketch and see where it takes you

More often than we’d like to admit, artists find themselves struggling with where to begin. Staring into empty space, in form of blank sketch pad (or canvas), we ponder how best to bring our inner visions into this world. Sometimes, pencil touches pad and we race to the finish, struggling to keep up with our active imagination. Others times, we can’t seem to find a way to begin.

In those moments where you have too many ideas to narrow down or you simply have none at all, I find it best to just start sketching and see where it takes you. You may be surprised how quickly you find your place and what eventually takes shape.

This image is one of the examples of starting with a simple shape and letting your mind and pencil free flow. Patterns emerge and take you to new ideas. You begin shading in the basic structures and suddenly it takes on life.

I’m pleased with the textures, detail and shading that emerged. Overall, I think its a successful work. I haven’t titled this one yet but I’m sure it surface eventually.


Self portrait in blue

This is an old painting from a rather dark period in my life. The choice to go with all monochromatic blues was obvious. When you can’t seem to work through the turmoil or heal in any other manner, it helps to express it all through paint.

Oddly enough, this work doesn’t actually exist any longer. It was destroyed during the course of a tumultuous relationship. Very fitting, however, as the negative emotions that caused me to paint it and its eventual demise are now long gone as well.